U13s Sharks very close to do a performance against Stags

17 Jun 2017 in News

U13s Sharks very close to do a performance against Stags U13s Sharks very close to do a performance against Stags

Under 13s - London Junior League

The U13s Sharks were receiving for their last home game, 3rd of the League Hemel Stags.


With 12 players against 20 under pretty hot weather condition, the team knew it would be a hard game to play but courage and tenacity were upfront today.


The Sharks started the game with 2 consecutive tries bringing the score to 10 to 0, Hemel reacted to close the gap but Shark knew they had to score now and added a third try. Hemel responded by a breaking through try between the post as the Sharks defence got taken by surprise. The Sharks wanted to maintain a try ahead and scored their fourth try of the day in the corner after a nice run from James. Same as the previous try, Hemel responded and scored again between the post after another breakthrough from Hemel second row no one seem to be keen to stop.


Half time, score was 18 all.


Second half started in favour of Hemel, after a knock on of the shark following a nice kick off, Hemel took the lead on teh scoreboard. From that moment started a race of "I score then I let you score", however playing this game, Hemel managed to always maintain a try difference leaving the Sharks running after the board.


The game ended 52-46 for Hemel with 10 tries to 9 leaving a lot of regret for the Sharks who overall made another great performance considering they had no substitute and the extremely hot weather condition.


Next week is the Brighton 9s Festival, where the Sharks will aim for a performance.


PS: great thank to Gary for his debut as referee, a long career ahead for him !!


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