PLAYERS: Maximum 7 a-side (teams can play down)

PITCH SIZE: 18m wide x 30m long

TACKLE: Recommended Tackle

TIME: Maximum of 40 mins playing time in one day (10 mins games are recommended)


  • Play The Ball (PTB)
  • 6 plays regardless of errors
  • Option to kick on 5th tackle (grubber only)
  • Defending players must attempt to get on side (4m)
  • 3 players are to wear bibs, indicating the first receiver and DH positions
  • Games Coach facilitates the game
  • No coaches on the pitch
  • All Players play all the time no substitutes

*The three players who wear bibs are to play in the dummy half and first receiver positions.

The dummy half can scoot, be tackled and keep possession.

First receivers can run with the ball or pass, it is the players’ decision. Players playing in these positions are to be rotated after every small-sided game.

More info Available via the Primary Rugby League Website